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"BOATER" & "Caress"

Shower roses with curtain, pimple front, made of highly polished stainless steel INOX 18/10, AISI 304, rolled to body. These shower roses are totally hygienic and durable; they are fitted with an inlet device to assure the perfect distribution of water around the outlet surface of the rose, thus providing a pleasant delicate yet plentiful shower. All of them can be fitted with a swivel ball joint art. "SNO" which is necessary for the smaller size art. GL100 (4"). The same applies to the "Pelican" shower arm where this swivel ball joint represents the outlet end of it. A flow restrictor can be added to the swivel ball joint to guarantee the best performances, giving an ideal flow rate of 9 l./min. (2.5 gallons/min.). This fitting is optional, supplied on demand. Made in Italy by a specialised and certified manufacturer producing according to BS-EN-ISO 9002 Quality Control Assurance, the "Boater" and "Caress" shower roses are individually marked with a code indicating materials, production batch and producer. The free 5 years guarantee applies. The "Caress" style captures the Old England classic tradition hence perfectly blends with classic as well as modern design bathrooms, while the "Boater" range features a modern architectural minimalist style now into fashion.

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